Dr. Sylvana Demicoli, having read a Doctor of Laws at the University of Malta, boasts a sixteen- year long career in the financial sector, seven of which were in the banking industry, during which, she garnered extensive experience. Dr. Demicoli headed the Legal Department of FCM Bank Ltd and has also worked in the Litigation Department of HSBC Bank Malta plc. Dr. Demicoli has worked for various Company Services Providers, managing their corporate departments. For FCM Bank Ltd, she was also the Company Secretary, a member of the Executive Committee and an advisor to the Credit Committee of the Bank. She then joined Mandaris Group of Companies in June 2020 and held the position of Managing Director for all of the companies forming part of the Mandaris Group. Since November 2023, Dr. Demicoli acts as a legal consultant to various corporate entities assisting them with corporate related matters such as restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, debt recovery and regulatory compliance. Dr. Demicoli is highly skilled in legal compliance and compliance management, as well as negotiation, legal writing and public speaking. She is especially passionate about finding the right solutions through her legal and financial background when structuring businesses.

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