The best way to put it is, I help people help people. I support different teams and management groups, by helping them develop the right power skills to achieve high levels of Customer Care/Service and Team Dynamics. My objective is to help teams create more value and bridge the gap which is sometimes created between customers and organisations. My style the is focus on building customised training programs that address struggle points identified and aligned with the overall strategic direction. I find this gives better outcomes because of the focus and personalisation aspect. Because sometimes academics matter, I am an MBA graduate from the University of Leicester and a certified CX (Customer Experience) professional with the CX Academy in Ireland. For some professional history, mine spans over 20+ years in customer-facing and leadership roles. I was privileged to have grown within the Airline, Telco and finally the Consulting business.

[ONLINE] Being of service, in the service industry -5 December

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 Although we recognise the importance of the service industry, this is not often demonstrated...