Gianluca Busuttil is a manager at Deloitte Malta, having joined the firm in October 2019. His main areas of specialisation are commercial and corporate law, insolvency law, and AML/CFT law. Gianluca has experience in the formulation of regulatory policy and related work in the fields of corporate and insolvency law, including with respect to the overall improvement of the Maltese insolvency framework and the push towards alignment with relevant international standards of best practice – including in relation to the transposition of Directive 1023/2019 (the Directive on restructuring and insolvency) by virtue of the Pre-Insolvency Act, the Insolvency Practitioners Act, and the amendment of Part III of the Commercial Code on bankruptcy.

[ONLINE] Artificial Intelligence and its proposed Regulation under the AI Act – 23 January

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The AI Act is currently being negotiated at Commission level, and is expected to become law on or...

[ONLINE] Tax AML: An Overview of Key Tax Evasion Typologies – 01 February

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Tax AML is more relevant than ever because the FIAU has, in its AML/CFT supervisory plan for 23-24,...