In December 2005 Dr Camilleri graduated in Doctor of Laws at the University of Malta and was called to the bar in 2006. Dr Charlotte Camilleri joined the Malta Employers’ Association (MEA) in February 2006.In December 2010 she obtained a Magister Juris in European Law from the University of Malta. Her responsibilities at the MEA comprise providing legal advice to members on industrial relations issues and labour legislation. Furthermore she assists members in issues with both the Department for Industrial and Employment Relations and with Trade Unions. She also assists members when taking disciplinary measures and represents before the Industrial Tribunal. Dr Camilleri was a Director of the Employment and Training Corporations and a Member of the Board of Visitors of the Prisons. Since 2015 she is Chairperson of the Maternity Leave Trust Fund. She lectures Labour Laws, is examiner of Industrial Relations at the University of Malta and has been rapporteur/national expert for the European Foundation of Living and Working Conditions since 2012